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Customer Service

Between companies and customers is a long-term partnership, not a simple business relationship, we will continue to work together with customers and common development. All of the company operating systems, management systems, strategic planning, mission, vision has a fundamental core, is a profit. The only source of profit is the customer, so to meet customer demand for our maximum work principle of business operations. Customer satisfaction is to check only the starting point of our work and standards.
Our nation's commitment to the principles of feedback customer complaints;
Immediate feedback, no excuses; immediate error correction, be corrected. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, please contact us, thank you for your attention!
8-hour hotline to provide inquiry services, e-mail reply, procurement negotiation, order online consultation, cooperation also continued efforts to provide professional services to support operators. To achieve the construction of first-class customer service centers, training first-class customer service professionals, and rose step by step with the vision of progress and grow together. Excellent customer service management team and professional customer service staff will provide you with a comprehensive, thoughtful and timely high-quality gold service.
In order for engineers to continuously improve their personal skill levels, to provide more comprehensive services, our company every month on the technical training of professional engineers and technical assessment carried out from time to time.
Be arranged by the customer service operation. In order to refine our services, our company to implement regional management, hand full-time service for each customer, so that each engineer can for their dedicated service to customers in the region.
Professional services allow you to high-Chen worry!
Any use of the Products in question, can a professional service consulting firm consists of centers that can provide efficient after-sales service.
Long and CCTV companies, local and other large well-known media to create a strong brand in China Gate industry leaders.
Integrated marketing management professional
Professional integration of media delivery
Integration of professional service
Professional integration of customer inquiries